18 Apr
Prisoner on hunger strike dies in Armavir Criminal-Executive Institution

Prisoner on hunger strike dies in Armavir Criminal-Executive Institution

On Sept. 4, a prisoner died in the Armavir
Criminal-Executive Institution. The cause of death was starvation that resulted
from a hunger strike. 

Head of Public Relations Division of the RA MoJ Criminal
Executive Department Nona Navikyan told ABC Media that prisoner G. S. — whose
name they are not willing to make public — was undergoing treatment in Hospital
for the Convicted criminal-executive institution. He went on hunger strike
immediately after being discharged from hospital.

The convict went on strike on Aug. 31; according to the
ambulance staff, his biological death occurred on Sept. 4. 

“He went on hunger strike as he did not want to leave
hospital,” Nona Navikyan said.

According to the World Health Organization, a person can
survive without food for about three or four weeks. However, the convict died
four days after going on hunger strike. Thus, claims that he was in a good
state of health cannot be accepted. 

Nona Navikyan, however, did not want to say why he was
discharged from hospital and urged us to contact the Hospital for the Convicted
with that regard. However, they did not answer our phone call. 

This has been the second case in Armenia that a convict dies
because of a hunger strike. The first case was recorded in 2018: Journalist Mher
Yeghiazaryan died after a 44-day hunger strike in the Nubarashen
criminal-executive institution.