18 Apr
Hayakve submits signatures to Central Electoral Commission

Hayakve submits signatures to Central Electoral Commission

Today, the Hayakve initiative will submit 58,000 signatures —
collected during the first stage — to the Central Electoral Commission (CEC).
Afterward, the members of the initiative are going to bring a bill before

“Today, we will officially submit the signatures to the CEC.
People wonder why the overall process takes so much time. In fact, this is a
long process by law. Moreover, we are submitting the signatures before the
deadline,” Coordinator of the initiative Avetik Chalabyan said.

Chalabyan assured people that they have digitized and
counted every vote. Only 0.5% of the votes have been declared invalid.

“We are convinced that the CEC will not be able to
reject people. Today, we will submit the signatures. The CEC has a month to
validate the results. As soon as we have the CEC validation, we will bring a
bill before Parliament. This will mark the culmination of the initiative. We
are full of determination,” Chalabyan said.