05 Mar
25,000 people join Hayakve

25,000 people join Hayakve

Twenty-five thousand people joined the signature collection initiated by Hayakve, coordinator of the initiative Avetik Chalabyan stated.

As he noted, although they have come across many obstacles recently, they are well on their way to reaching the goal of the initiative.

“We are pleased to announce that Hayakve is gaining momentum. Hayakve is a serious part of public discourse everywhere. People have started to discuss what Hayakve is and what it will give us,” he said.

According to the coordinator of the initiative, people continue to actively participate in the initiative. New segments of the society are joining it. Among those who join, are the citizens who had a lack of information. Twenty-six branches have operated in the provinces this week.

As the members of the initiative state, in some provinces people are kept in a state of fear. If they join Hayakve, they are threatened with dismissal from their jobs.

The signature collection will continue until August 19.