05 Mar
Papikyan offers appointing Armenian military attaché in India

Papikyan offers appointing Armenian military attaché in India

The package of non-reportable issues on the agenda of today’s Cabinet meeting includes the draft put forward by Minister of Defense Suren Papikyan. The draft suggests creating a post of military attaché of the Republic of Armenia attached to the Armenian Embassy in the Republic of India. The residence of the military attaché will be located in the building of the Armenian Embassy in New Delhi.

The rationalization of the draft notes that the great interest recently demonstrated by state entities, private organizations and companies of the Indian military-industrial complex has made it necessary to appoint an Armenia military attaché in India.

The military attaché will carry out representative functions, which include establishing and deepening official relations with the military departments of both countries, developing relations in the military sector, monitoring the implementation of cooperation programs and providing assistance in arranging visits of ministerial and army delegations.