18 Apr
Eternally Armenian Voskepar (photos)

Eternally Armenian Voskepar (photos)

– Они Кемскую волость требуют. Мы воевали, говорят, так подай ее сюда.

– Что?! Кемскую волость?! Да пусть забирают на здоровье! Я-то думал! Господи.

– Как же это так, кормилец?

-Царь знает, что делает! Государство не обеднеет. Забирайте!

– Да ты что, сукин сын, самозванец, казенные земли разбазариваешь?! Так никаких волостей не напасешься!


This part of the legendary film directed by Leonid Gaidai proved prophetic. Today, various self-proclaimed officials are not only ceding our historical lands, where the army stands, but are also trying to convince people that these lands are not ours.

Look at the photos; there are hundred-year-old graves there, and this is the proof that we are dealing with one cultural domain. The same holds true for the Holy Mother of God Church, which, according to Alen Simonyan, is a 7th-century church. It is more than clear that the once glorious past has become a burden for these authorities and has nothing to do with the present that they have created. Therefore, they have to get rid of the past.

While, in the photos you can see Voskepar, eternally Armenian Voskepar.


Aghvan Asoyan