16 Apr
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Tsitsernakaberd cobblestones have appeared in someone’s private house: Municipality explains

Tsitsernakaberd cobblestones have appeared in someone’s private house: Municipality explains

The social media has been inundated with photos of the road
to the Tsitsernakaberd Memorial complex since yesterday. The crumbling
cobblestones were in fact not broken. Citizen Artur Chakhoyan rushed to the
memorial complex to see builders tear up the road.

“I approached the builders and talked to them. They were not
aware of anything and did not even know what company had hired them. They had
only been informed that the works were being done for the municipality.
Furthermore, they didn’t even know whether the roads would be asphalted or
something else would be built there. They had been told to tear it up, and they
were doing it,” Artur Chakhoyan said to ABC Media.

The Information and Public Relations Department of the City
Hall of Yerevan told ABC Media that the cobblestones were, in fact, not
damaged. They were torn up so that the ambulance or fire trucks will be able to
use the asphalt road in case of emergencies.

“The cobblestones that are not damaged, will be kept in the
Landscape Gardening and Environmental Protection community NPO. If need be,
they will be provided to the administrative districts of Yerevan. The videos
showing how the cobblestones are being moved will be soon made public,” the
Information and Public Relations Department said.

However, according to Artur Chakhoyan, one of the truck
drivers told his friend Eduard Hayrumyan that the cobblestones had, in fact,
ended up in the garbage dump. Later, they started looking for the cobblestones.

“Later, the truck drivers told us where the so-called
“garbage dump” was. It was a private house, where we saw the
cobblestones ourselves. We entered the house, pretending to be customers. We
were already negotiating over the price. However, before entering the house, we
had gone live on Facebook and someone had noticed it from the second floor.
When informed of that, the sales assistants refused to sell the stones to us,”
Chakhoyan said.

Artur Chakhoyan has left the house’s address on his Facebook

“The Tsitsernakaberd’s cobblestones have been moved to
someone’s house and are put up for sale; I will not go into details… EVERYONE
can come and face reality themselves. Here are the illegal actions of the
Municipality,” he wrote.