05 Mar
Artsakh NA MP: The people, the opposition can go on a sit-in, but not the president

Artsakh NA MP: The people, the opposition can go on a sit-in, but not the president

The president of Artsakh must be the second person, defending our right to decide our own future. MP Metaxe Hakobyan from the opposing Artsakh NA Justice faction said this to ABC Media, referring to Artsakh President Arayik Harutyunyan’s announcement about staging a sit-in.

“It is the people, the opposition that can take such measures, but never the president of the country, as the constitution confers certain powers on the president. It has already been mentioned that the president of the Republic of Artsakh has not exercised any of these powers within the past three years. It was a defeatist attitude that the president adopted. On the one hand, this was like a way of relinquishing power, but on the other hand, it was like a way of keeping his seat. When the country is placed in such a situation, instead of making statements, the president has to exercise an iron will and do all in his power to find a way out of it. These statements will never produce any results. The world remains deaf to the voice of 120,000 people and will remain deaf to the statements of the country’s president as well,” she said.

This action would `be acceptable to the MP if it was taken by an ordinary person and not the president of the Republic of Artsakh.

“In addition, the actions and calls of recent days fail to refer to the RA authorities, on whom the ultimate responsibility for all of this falls. I think even if the world sees the signals coming from here or decides to respond to them after all, these signals will never be perceived as the disagreement of the authorities of Artsakh over the policies pursued by the Armenian authorities. Thus, the world will think that Artsakh also agrees on the policies adopted by the RA authorities. Above all, the president of the Republic of Artsakh had to turn to, urge and ask the RA authorities, but never avoid addressing them. It so happens that we turn to everyone, force everyone, resent everyone, but the prime culprits, who are responsible for all of this, go unnoticed,” Artsakh NA MP said.

Hakobyan noted that many are the questions to which the president of Artsakh has to find solutions and answers.

“This is not a suitable time for him to join the people. He should have joined them during the past three years, when they demanded the RA authorities to take responsibility for their actions, when the NA went against the RA authorities on Oct. 30, presenting its demands to them. It was at that time, that the president of Artsakh should have joined the people. However, at this moment he had to do quite the reverse. When the people need a leader more than ever, the leader holds a sit-in in a tent, taking no action,” the MP concluded.