Abraham Gasparyan: Honeymoon period for Russia and Turkey is coming to an end

Abraham Gasparyan: Honeymoon period for Russia and Turkey is coming to an end


The person occupying the seat of the country’s prime
minister lost everything a long time ago. Director of Genesis Armenia Think
Tank and Foundation, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor
Abraham Gasparyan said this during the “Country’s Guest Hall” program.

According to Gasparyan, it is the tripartite statement of
November 9, 2020, that keeps Pashinyan on the driving seat of the country.

“It was the Armenian authorities that allowed the Turkish
political, military, economic and strategic immediate intervention to happen
well before the 44-day war, when Turkish military instructors, joining the
Azerbaijani army and using aerospace facilities, figured out where Armenia and
Artsakh were most vulnerable. Turkey’s immediate participation in this process
fully allowed Azerbaijan to brag and show diplomatically improper behavior,”
Abraham Gasparyan said.

As the political scientist stated, the Anglo-Saxon political
and strategic aspirations in the region are solely aimed at opposing the
possible strategic alliance between Moscow and Tehran. This alliance presents
itself in different ways and pursues the aim of preserving regional hegemony.

Referring to the relations between Turkey and Russia,
Gasparyan noted: “The major feature of Turkey’s foreign policy is that it
manages to appear in a favorable position at the right time, and steering clear
of problems, to take the right direction, just as we witnessed the partnership
between Kemal and Lenin 100 years ago. The honeymoon period for Russia and
Turkey is coming to an end, as international players have already posed a
dilemma in the region. Now, when the new world order is being shaped, the
“and-and” policy cannot be adopted. One must choose between “this” or “that”.
And it is this dilemma that is facing Nikol Pashinyan and his junta. He should
either pursue the Turkish-Azerbaijani political course, dictated from the West,
and bring Armenia into the strategic line that will only bring about
destruction and annihilation, or will have to follow the line of vertical
cooperation with Russia and Azerbaijan.”

The authorities claim that this is not a choice of course
but that of security guarantees, and state that we will come down in favor of
the power that gives us these guarantees. Abraham Gasparyan responded to this:
“I think that Pashinyan is like the women of the world’s oldest profession, who
serve the one who pays more. This man acts on behalf of Armenia and the
Armenian nation and states that we are short of security resources. However,
this has nothing to do with reality. We have resources and if we didn’t,
Azerbaijan would trample over entire Armenia in just 10 minutes, even being in
such a drained state after the war. Any country that wants to ensure its
security, both in economy and military sectors and promote its military vision,
must be able to do it on its own. I’ve said before and will repeat now that
after the war it’s Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan who holds this man,
Nikol Pashinyan, in the driving seat of Armenia,” Abraham Gasparyan said.