Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan: Revenge is the way to get your home back

Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan: Revenge is the way to get your home back

Yes, I consider myself a revanchist, and I will stick to this belief till the end of my life. Primate of the Diocese of Tavush Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan said this in his Sunday sermon.

“As this belief is not aimed at robbing us of our lives, either in the spiritual, or in the moral sense, or in the physical sense. It does not teach us to constantly bow down and crawl. It is quite the opposite; it teaches us to stand up and ask our Lord to strengthen our faith so that we can follow Him on Earth. This is the way we should think; we should realize that we are doing God’s work on earth, i.e. the re-establishment of justice, truth and salvation. And yes, revenge is the way to that. What other way is there to restore the home that you have lost?

As Archbishop Bagrat Galstanyan said, this belief does not imply hatred. On the contrary, it implies love, devotion, unshakable faith, great hope, sacrifice, courage and all other virtues and not vice versa. One cannot live in peace if his inner world is turned upside down.

“You can accuse us saying that we keep talking all the time, and all this constant talk does not change the situation that we are placed in. On the contrary, it has exacerbated the situation and will still exacerbate it. And must pay for all of this, as thousands of people gave their lives for us to live,” he said.