Hayk Marutyan: If we do not unseat the authorities, we will constantly have problems

Hayk Marutyan: If we do not unseat the authorities, we will constantly have problems

The whole state is in danger as long as these authorities remain in power, former Mayor of Yerevan Hayk Marutyan said at the founding congress of the New Power party.

“We should not separate the events of Tavush from our general problems; all these problems are actually the result of the inconsistent, incoherent and reckless actions of our authorities. After Tavush, Azerbaijan will put forward new demands; therefore, the issue should be given a comprehensive solution; these authorities no longer have the legitimacy to deal with important issues in Armenia,” he noted.

According to Marutyan, in order to be able to make a proposal regarding the negotiation process, one must first know the details of the negotiation process.

“We can see that he is making unilateral concessions because we are not sure that Azerbaijan will not press new demands. If back then, Azerbaijan used to force us into concessions through military aggression, now it is doing the same simply with words. We have reached a point where our authorities are making concessions simply because Azerbaijan told them to do so; this is a new level,” Marutyan said.

With regard to the newly founded party, Marutyan noted that it will follow a social-democratic line and is ready to cooperate with all those forces whose aim is the development of the country.

“We don’t have sponsors from without and we won’t have any. The people, parties and their leaders, who will ever say that we have a connection with Russia or that we are Russian agents, serve Nikol’s propaganda. The party proposes having good relations with the neighboring states, Georgia and Iran, to build decent relations with Turkey and Azerbaijan, to protect the interests of the country,” Marutyan said, adding that the process of integration with Europe should proceed because we are closely connected with that civilization.