04 Mar
This is a message to the Armenian authorities: Iranologist on Iran’s statement regarding energy exchange with neighbors

This is a message to the Armenian authorities: Iranologist on Iran’s statement regarding energy exchange with neighbors

Iranian Minister of Energy Ali Akbar Mehrabian stated that Iran and Russia will exchange energy through the territories of Armenia, Georgia, and Azerbaijan. He noted that with some neighbors they will conduct the exchange free of charge.

“This is not a new project. It has been already 20 years since we have been doing this with Iran, that is, gas in exchange for energy,” Iranologist Harut Artin Arakelyan said this in his meeting with ABC Media.

As Arakelyan noted, Armenia receives three cubic meters of gas from Iran and gives one kW of electricity in exchange.

“A few years ago, a new project was developed. Under this project, energy was to be sent to Armenia from Iran. From Armenia it was to be sent to Georgia and eventually, left to the free market,” Arakelyan said.

According to him, when this project was being developed, the Russian Federation wasn’t part of it because of the big border issues and difficult foreign relations between Russia and Georgia. However, at this stage, relations between them have improved.

“The Georgian side shows readiness to establish economic relations with Russia. Iran is going to export energy to Russia through several corridors, namely Turkmenistan, Azerbaijan, and Armenia,” the Iranologist added.

As the expert states, this process will help us improve our economic relations with our natural allies in the region. This is an opportunity not to be passed up.

“Iran has alternatives – not that they are waiting for Armenia,” Arakelyan noted.

According to the Iranologist, this is a perfect opportunity to foster close economic relations with allies.

“In one way or another, economic relations constitute politics. They say, when goods do not cross borders, soldiers will. It is perfectly normal that Iran prefers to have economic relations with Armenia and gives Armenia that message,” he noted.

As the expert states, after all, the Armenian authorities turn to the West. Thus, it is quite normal that Iran sends such messages to Armenia.

The turnover of economic relations between Iran and Armenia has not reached one billion dollars within 30 years. An agreement was concluded in recent months during Pashinyan’s visit to Tehran, under which, the turnover should reach three billion dollars,” Arakelyan said.

In reply to the question as to why we have not been able to increase our trading turnover with Iran to one billion dollars within 30 years, the Iranologist said, “Our economic course does not pass through Iran. However, with its actions and statements, Iran is trying to make us understand that it does want to strengthen economic relations with the Republic of Armenia.