18 Apr
Foreign forces were pushing Baku into ethnic cleansing in Nagorno-Karabakh in order to have resources to change power in Yerevan: Key points of Pashinyan’s press conference

Foreign forces were pushing Baku into ethnic cleansing in Nagorno-Karabakh in order to have resources to change power in Yerevan: Key points of Pashinyan’s press conference


  • There has never been any discussion about ceding any village of Tavush Province.


  • During negotiations, there was sometimes an impression that we could make certain territorial exchanges, taking into account certain realities.


  • Armenian border guard troops have already acquired sufficient experience, skills and capabilities to carry out border controls at the airport without the support of the Russian side.


  • We have no concept regarding the new constitution; there is no text regarding the new constitution; there is a political discourse and a political agenda that I have proposed regarding the new constitution.


  • A referendum will be held when our political team and I see that the people of Armenia are sufficiently informed about what is going on.


  • We now know the RA borders with pinpoint accuracy.


  • I do not think it appropriate to talk about the success of our foreign policy diversification.


  • Yes, we have actually frozen our activities in the CSTO.


  • If the CSTO answers the question as to what the sovereign territory of Armenia is according to it, and if that answer agrees with our perceptions, that will mean the issues between Armenia and the CSTO have been settled; if not, Armenia will leave the CSTO.


  • By and large, the presence or absence of a peace agenda means the existence or nonexistence of the Republic of Armenia.


  • Now, I would not go public about what happened in the room for negotiations, as the atmosphere there is not that positive.


  • The reason for Marukyan’s resignation was that I am dissatisfied with his work.


  • We have a pretty broad agenda with the EU and are ready to expand and deepen that agenda.


  • We will extend the 40+10.000 drams’ program until the end of the year.


  • We think our sisters and brothers who were forcibly displaced from Nagorno-Karabakh should take Armenian citizenship to be eligible for the housing program, because people (citizens of the Republic of Armenia) may say: “You don’t give us apartments; our children do their military service; why should the children of our other compatriots’ (people from Artsakh) not join the army”.


  • Oppositionist Nikol Pashinyan had no way to know whether money was going into the ruling party’s coffers or not.


  • What about other parties’ fundraising; when did they hold that? How did they hold that? Did they hold that or not? Do we know the list of donors or not? They do not need to hold a fundraiser. They are not fundraiser guys.


  • The last time I discussed the issue of prisoners was this morning. With whom, I cannot say. What I discussed, I cannot say either. I can say that I discussed the issue of the prisoners’ return.


  • It is unacceptable and absurd talk that any settlement in Tavush Province can be ceded to Azerbaijan.


  • I see no need for a snap election.


  • Armenian border guards will start service at Zvartnots Airport on Aug. 1.


  • In appointing Arshak Karapetyan to the posts of deputy chief of the General Staff of the RA Armed Forces and Armenian defense minister, his special relations with the Russian circles were not overlooked.


  • I made a decision to relieve Arshak Karapetyan of his post, as on the morning of Nov. 14, 2021, Arshak Karapetyan reported to me that everything along the border was calm, while at the time of his report, the Azerbaijani troops had invaded the territory of Armenia in a number of areas along our border, and had even taken positions.


  • We do not know what to do so that our dear CSTO will show us where the red line it has promised is.


  • Something important is happening in our relations with Turkey. We are talking to each other; we have a dialogue with the president of Turkey.


  • In talks with Turkey, we sometimes get that we do not understand correctly what they say, and they do not understand exactly what we say, and between these misunderstandings, great negative energy is produced.
  • We should have an agenda with Turkey and we do. It is a pity that this agenda is not being implemented with due speed.


  • It should not be denied that Turkey is a major global player, and we must face this very fact.


  • Speaking about the EU membership, the minister of Foreign Affairs meant the public mood, discussions, and possible scenarios.


  • I saw that there were external forces that were provoking the main force organizing the ethnic cleansing (in Artsakh) and were working so that the NK Armenians would leave as soon as possible, as they had announced the start of a change of power in Armenia, and saw that their resources in Armenia were not enough to conduct a revolution. They needed to bring resources to Armenia, even at the cost of Karabakh, so that a change of power would take place here.


  • When forces attacking Armenia were asked why they were doing that, they reasoned that it was a pro-Russian country (the Republic of Armenia). We used to tell Russia: “On top of the fact that you fail to serve your role as a guarantor of the security of Armenia, now, according to the perception of the West, they have attacked you, and not us; they have attacked the Russian outpost.”


  • On Oct. 6, 2022, I understood that the Karabakh issue had been long settled. In fact, they want to decide the issue of the Republic of Armenia; they want to dissolve this state; they want to bring this state to its knees, making friendly toasts.