“Tatoyan” Foundation: The police forces intentionally targeted Abraham Gasparyan

“Tatoyan” Foundation: The police forces intentionally targeted Abraham Gasparyan

The “Tatoyan” Foundation prepared a special report on the police actions, including the adoption of special measures during the rally that took place on June 12 at the Baghramyan-Demirchyan intersection in Yerevan.

Among other acts of violence, a mention is made of the brutal beating of Director of Genesis Armenia Think Tank and Foundation, Candidate of Political Sciences, Associate Professor Abraham Gasparyan.

Numerous cases of illegal actions by “red beret” police officers have been reported, including the incident involving commentator-TV reporter Abraham Gasparyan, who was subjected to violence and degrading treatment by “red and black beret” police officers, the report says. On June 13, 2024, several journalists appealed to the Center for Law and Justice “Tatoyan” Foundation, reporting that on the evening of June 12, 2024, between 5:30-6:00 p.m., at the Baghramyan-Demirchyan intersection in Yerevan, during a protest, RA police forces intentionally targeted and subjected TV commentator Abraham Gasparyan to violence. Eyewitness journalists, Abraham Gasparyan’s wife, and Mr. Gasparyan himself informed the Fund that rows of “red beret” police officers briefly opened, after which up to 6 “red and black beret” officers pointed at Abraham and called for other officers to pull him in front of the cameras. According to information provided by him, after pulling Abraham into the police row, approximately 20 “red and black beret” officers attacked him, forcibly stripped him naked, leaving him only in his underwear. They then brutally beat him, striking both his body and his face, while saying: “You should die”.

During a meeting with Mr. Abraham Gasparyan, it was revealed that he fainted due to the beatings inflicted upon him by police officers. Following this, police poured water on his face to clean the traces of blood and then proceeded to drag him, still without clothes and with his head soaked in blood, continuing the assault. When Mr. Gasparyan lost consciousness, a police doctor approached and attempted to revive him by pouring water on his face to clean the blood. Subsequently, officers wearing red and black berets placed Mr. Gasparyan in a police ‘Gazel’ vehicle. He was only allowed to put on clothes after being placed inside the police car. According to the information reported, after being brutally beaten and humiliated, with torn clothes, a bloody head, barefoot, and with his phone in the possession of an unknown officer, Mr. Gasparyan was transported to the Kanaker-Zeytun police station in a police car. Mr. Gasparyan mentioned that there was confusion as to why he was taken to the KanakerZeytun station, which took about 1 hour and 10 minutes, despite the events occurring on Baghramyan Avenue. From a jurisdictional standpoint, he should have been taken to the Arabkir police station. It was also reported that Mr. Gasparyan bled throughout the journey from the protest area to the police station. Upon his release from the police department, it was further discovered that Abraham Gasparyan’s gold chain and wallet had been stolen. After his release, Abraham Gasparyan was transferred to the Izmirlian Medical Center, where he was hospitalized with diagnoses including concussions, lacerations, multiple soft tissue injuries, and rib fractures.”