12 Jul
Jermuk in winter: Photos

Jermuk in winter: Photos

Recently, we often think of the pieces of land in our country, which we might not have talked about years ago or which we might have mentioned only on special occasions. In recent years, at least some have started to perceive differently the territory that we call homeland.

The failed peace agenda is bringing war closer and closer every day. Everyone is talking about it; even the main actor threatens directly, the U.S. embassy warns its citizens against visiting areas that are potentially vulnerable; embassies usually issue such warnings when they have operational information or reasonable grounds for suspicion. On top of that, when we call to mind Ilham Aliyev’s latest statement that Jermuk is their historical city, it becomes clear that Jermuk is one of the potential targets.

Below we present photos of Jermuk, which has turned into a winter wonderland now.

Aghvan Asoyan